tellows API – Partnership Program

tellows API – Partnership Program

Become a partner with the largest community phone number reverse search platform worldwide and benefit from our extensive database including millions of phone numbers. Gain access to our database for reported scam numbers in over 40 countries worldwide. Use our API for real-time requests and protect your company and customers with the knowledge of our data.

What is tellows?

  • tellows is a community project operating in over 40 countries worldwide as a leading phone number resource
  • Users rate phone numbers using our score model: the tellows score
  • Reported numbers display how trustworthy the number is and provide helpful information for other users
  • Our blacklist contains all of the negatively reported numbers
  • More than 7 million users visit tellows monthly
  • Numbers on tellows receive over 20.000 comments monthly
  • tellows is available for desktop, smartphones and tablets
  • The tellows app for real-time identification of callers is available for iPhone and Android
what is tellows

Who uses tellows?

Over 7 Million users in over 40 countries use tellows every month. People who have been contacted by unknown callers look up the number in our database. They can leave a comment and warn other users. Others gain helpful information and learn how to deal with these phone calls.

tellows ABC markets worldwide – differentiated by the amount of visitors and reported numbers:

  • A markets are the most important tellows markets with 4.4m visits / month covering 80% of the total community; Germany, United Kingdom, Italy and France are the most important markets.
  • B markets are between 40.000 and 100.000 visitors / month
  • C markets contain less than 40.000 visits monthly
A markets B markets
Germany Japan
Italy United States
United Kingdom Mexico
France Portugal
Poland Taiwan
Brazil Czech Republic
Indonesia Austria
Spain South Africa

tellows score

score calculation

The tellows score is classified by our community on a scale of 1 (where 1 is very trustworthy) to 9 (where 9 is very untrustworthy) and entails harassment calls including aggressive advertising. To calculate the scores, tellows uses a complex algorithm to arrange individual numbers, considering several factors and the users’ opinion in the equation specified above. Therefore, all tellows users can see from a quick glance, whether the person calling is a trustworthy caller or not.

tellows API for blacklist integration

Our API solution provides you with all of the relevant data about phone numbers from tellows with just one request. Our live-API is suitable for integration into phone systems or app solutions. You can specify your output with several request parameters including the limitation to the country, language, tellows score and amount of comments. Our API documentation provides all necessary info about the scorelist API.

Receive data with the following details:

  • Phone Number
  • tellows score
  • Number of comments
  • Number of search requests
  • Caller type
  • Caller name (assigned by users)
  • Area (including ZIP code, city, country code)
  • Comments for each phone number
  • Set language for the result output
  • Deeplink to phone number
  • Filter results by score, country, comments or search requests

tellows API doc

For more information contact us

Lifespan of Numbers on the Blacklist

what is tellows

The blacklist contains all numbers that have been reported or searched for within the last 30 days. One third of the numbers have a very short lifespan. The chosen criteria turn the blacklist into an up-to-date resource that only contains active numbers.

The API allows you to receive all relevant numbers in one request.

Get more information on how to use the API.

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If you are interested in a partnership, please send us a message with your company details, your field of application and your use for the tellows data. We are happy to answer your questions.

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