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01069243071 來自 北京市


评级为 01069243071

姓名 / 公司: Janny He (1) 北京大兴公安局 (1) 更多...
来电种类: 恐吓电话 更多...
評分: 2
评分: 中立,偏向负面 (tellows Score 6)


城市: 北京市 - 中国
电话号码: 010-69243071
国际: +861069243071这通电话是谁打来的? 您能在最大电话号码反向搜寻. +861069243071
地址: 详细资料  


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评分为 01069243071

  1. Kiki 留言说Janny He打来的这支电话+861069243071 为 恐吓电话

    I got a phone call from DSL Express China that I sent out an package in Beijing on 3/21 that content some fake passports, and I needed to report the case, and the company linked me to the police officer of 北京大興公安局. Personal I I haven’t yet been to China.

    He asked my passport number and my email and some more details, I got suspicious and mentioned that I was going to file a police report to USA police department and complained to Chinese Embassy and Austria Embassy. The police officer later said it is up to me to file other police reports and dropped the call.

    I believe it is a scam and hope that someone in Chinese police department will look into this case.

    I checked on line, they even created a fake website, with contact number-86-10-6924-3071

    He used FaceTime [email protected]

    1 x 很有帮助
  2. Ryan将电话号码01069243071报告为北京大兴公安局的电话

    The case is similar as this just that there was this number that called me and i googled it, it states that it is not dangerous and it was an answering machine that said i sent out a package to Beijing from Edinburgh that contains a box of clothes and passports. The guy says he can direct me to the 北京大兴公安局 (public security bureau) and the officer told me check on baidu and look at the number +861069243071 and says that is the office phone from the department and wait for him to call back.
    As he called back and i was filing my report regarding to the case and he asked for my name and passport so he can check if im related to any other cases and unfortunately they found out that I am related to a case happened last year and told me I am part of the criminals and all (not too sure because my mandarin isn't that great) and he sent me a pdf file of statements saying I cannot tell this to anyone as the case is similar

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  • 008610-69243071
  • +861069243071
  • +86 10 69243071
  • +8610/69243071
  • +8610-69243071


1 个报告
1 个报告
Janny He
1 个报告
1 个报告

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